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"Bonnie and Roxanne have been such an incredible team to help our daughter with autism blossom! We've seen a major transformation in her over the last couple years and are so grateful for their professionalism, support, and enthusiasm to help our daughter meet her full potential." - Ben and Claudia - 2021

"The treatments have been transformational for our son." - Dave and Impy - 2021

"Bonnie is one of those rare individuals who possess an incredible amount of knowledge and experience and shows compassion, dedication and strong advocacy for her clients and families. We feel fortunate to work with Bonnie and have witnessed our child making progress because of Bonnie's intervention and support. Bonnie has a whole family approach as she understands it's not just about the child getting the intervention, it's also about supporting parents and siblings. Our daughter's interventionist, Val is organized, reliable and is always learning new ways to support our child. She has an intuitive understanding of how to communicate effectively and problem solve. Above all she's kind, caring and understands the importance of relationship and maintaining a positive loving relationship with our daughter." - Farah - 2021

"Bonnie will guide and support you and your family in your autism journey. We felt that we could always depend on her to make the best decisions for our son". - Sunhee and Ian - 2021

"From our first conversation…we knew we would be in good hands. Bonnie helped explain our options and walked us through the very confusing and overwhelming process. She has been available whenever we need her and is valuable resource.

It has been a pleasure working with Rim. She is extremely organized and works very closely with our BI to keep sessions fun and exciting.

Nimrit has become like family. We are so comfortable working with her. She is enthusiastic, fun but also has an extremely calm presence. Our whole family looks forward to her sessions." - Kim and Andy - 2021

"It has been a peasure working with Bonnie. Prior to meeting her, we were struggling with finding the right behaviour consultant for us as none of them really seemed to care. Bonnie is so knowledgeable and caring. She had been a tremendous help to not only my nephew but his entire caretaking team. I would whole-heartedly recommend Bonnie to anyone who is in need of behaviour consultancy and speech therapy services, she goes above and beyond." - Jaspreet - 2021

"Working with Bonnie has been a great experience for me and my son, she makes me feel hopeful and grateful for she has done tremendous work with my son and daughter helping them grow to be better people." - Shaima - 2021

"Bonnie has worked with our family for over a decade. During all these years she has been providing exceptional service to my son and our family as a whole. She has an unparallel wealth of knowledge and experience not to mention how honest and passionate she is about her job and the children she works with. We are truly blessed to have her on our team. " - Mai - 2021

"Bonnie and her team are so caring and encouraging and have provided so much support throughout the time we've worked together. We love the play-based approach Bonnie has taken to help our daughter, and have seen such amazing progress in the year since we met. She is always happy to work with other people on our support team and has helped us find the most amazing BI's that our daughter loves! I would highly recommend Heartfelt Autism Services to any family looking for a team that can provide the best care while also taking into consideration your family's unique needs." - Amy & Paul - 2022

"We have been working with Bonnie and her team for about 1.5 years and we are very happy with the therapy and the support we receive. In terms of the therapy, our child has developed leaps and bounds with his social communication and he has really responded to the play-based, naturalistic approach. Bonnie's SLP background has also been beneficial in our situation as our child has some dysfluency (stuttering). We have had really great and caring BIs and our child loves his sessions. Bonnie and Rim are often in contact with our BIs to supervise and guide their work. In terms of support for parents, Rim and Bonnie are both accessible and make themselves available whenever we want to discuss anything (regarding the therapy and/or coaching for parents with a child on the spectrum). Bonnie was also very helpful in guiding us through the transition from daycare to kindergarten. We have recommended Heartfelt Autism Services to many families because we have just been so impressed, both by the team and the growth we've seen in our child." - Donna and Adrian - 2022

"Bonnie combines experience and compassion and to that has made, and are making, a profound impact on our son Thomas and our entire family. Her structures program equip our son and all care givers with tools that work!" - Tim Lewko - 2023

"My daughter is completely another person ever since we started therapy with them, I'm forever going to be grateful I found them, they literally gave me my daughter back she seemed so lost when they all first met her, their knowledge is unbeatable.

And not only that they both share their knowledge with you while in therapy, and that has definitely made me a better mom, and the best therapist for my daughter. I love the relationship that my daughter and I have built, it's definitely very different of what it was three years ago, very proud of all the progress , all the skills that she's gained, she amazes me everyday with new things and I am just so proud of her.

Bonnie and Rim had definitely 100% changed our lives." - Montse Leith - 2023

"Once again, thank you so much for all the work you have done for Emma and my family, your team are amazing" - Xuan Vu - 2023

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