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Behaviour Consultant, SLP
Bonnie Daudlin - Director - M.A., Behavioural Consultant Category A, Registered Autism Service Providers

Bonnie practiced as a registered speech-language pathologist in diverse settings for over thirty years. Work settings have included the Williams Lake Child Development Centre, Queen Alexandra Hospital's feeding team and early intervention team and BC Centre for Ability's early intervention team and hearing impairment team. Bonnie enjoyed supporting graduate students in her role of clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Medicine, School of Audiology and Speech Sciences.

Bonnie has a passion for understanding how young children with ASD communicate their needs and wants in the world. She has experience and understanding of why children with ASD are picky eaters and how to support them at family mealtime. Bonnie also has a passion for understanding attachment theory and how children with autism attach to their families and with others in the community. Bonnie has studied with The Neufeld Institute, completed the Early Start Denver Model courses and continues ongoing self-study in how Neurodiverse children require support in daily interactions with those around them. Bonnie is well acquainted with The Jasper Model for Children with Autism, promoting Joint Attention, Symbolic Play, Engagement and Regulation. (Connie Kasari, Amanda C. Gulsrud, Stephanie Y. Shire and Christina Strawbridge).

In September 2013, Bonnie began work as a Behaviour Consultant with Reference and Regulate For Autism. The experience supported her passion in the work and she is thankful to each family who has welcomed her into their home. She is continually humbled by each experience.

In her spare time, Bonnie enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking on the beach, listening to music and reading.

Team Supervisor
Rim Powar - Director - B.A. Psychology, Senior Behaviour Intervention

Rim completed an undergraduate degree in psychology. She has many years of experience providing intervention to children diagnosed with Autism.

She is very familiar with the Reference and Regulate program, based on Experts in Autism research including, "Joint Attention" research by Dr. Simon-Baron Cohen, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge and Dr. Connie Kasari, Professor of Pscyhiatry at UCLA's "Targetted Treatment on Joint Attention, Symbolic Play and Engagement and Regulation for Children with Autism" (JASPER).

Rim is dedicated to seeing each child's importance within their individual family unit and ensure that the type of intervention provided supports positive, attachment-based intervention through play-based therapy. She has had many opportunities to acquire skills in working with multidisciplinary teams, which has further increased her passion for working with children. She supports and values the team and has developed strong emotional connections with the families.

In her spare time Rim enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and listening to music.

Behavioural Interventionist
Valerie Albano - Behavioural Interventionist

Valerie is currently studying in the Speech Sciences Program at the University of British Columbia. She has always loved working with children and is blessed to be able to extend that interest into her career aspirations.

Through her own experience caring for a loved one with autism, Valerie found her interest in supporting and improving the quality of life for children with autism and their families. She has been working as a Behavioural Interventionist since November 2020 and is excited to grow in this field of work along with the families that she serves.

Outside of work, Valerie enjoys playing tennis, reading a good book and spending time with her family and friends.

Behavioural Interventionist
Roxanne Hahn - Behavioural Interventionist

Roxanne holds a diploma in counseling and is currently working towards getting her accreditation as a Registered Therapeutic Counselor, with a focus in family therapy.

The Reference and Regulate program is a holistic approach that resonates with Roxanne's values as a family counselor. She is honoured to be able to walk alongside the children, and hold a safe space to facilitate their growth. She has been a behavioural interventionist since July 2020.

In her spare time, Roxanne enjoys being outside in nature, continuously expanding her knowledge through various books and spending time with her loved ones.

Behavioural Interventionist
Jade Robinson - Behavioural Interventionist

Jade is finishing up her fourth year at SFU, majoring in English and minoring in Geography. She previously worked for three years at a non-profit daycare for school-aged children, which is where her love for children really began to show.

Since becoming a Behavioural Interventionist in June 2021, Jade has found a new passion in meeting children where they are at and enjoying that place together. Jade is pursuing becoming a teacher and with that, she wants to learn as much as possible about neurodiverse children. She is very excited to continue to grow and learn with the amazing families and children she meets.

When Jade is not at school or working, she is probably hiking, reading a book, listening to spoken poetry, and scoping out a new café.

Behavioural Interventionist
Adriana Kowalczyk - Behavioural Interventionist

Adriana will be receiving her B.A. in Psychology from Simon Fraser University this June. Working with children has brought a lot of joy to Adriana's life and she has made it her career goal to become a child therapist, focusing on play-based therapy and art therapy.

Adriana has been working with children for 7 years now, in both professional and volunteer capacities. In 2016, she began working with children in an aquatic setting, as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Wanting to further expand her career with children, Adriana became a BI in November 2021. She enjoys the Reference and Regulation program as it focuses on attachment theory and play-based therapy.

When Adriana is not studying or working, she is probably swimming, lifting at the gym or shopping for vintage clothing and furniture.

Behavioural Interventionist
Sue Hongjun - M.Ed., - Behavioural Interventionist

Sue received her Master of Education from Simon Fraser University in 2012. She always has had a passion for education and learning. She has been an ESL teacher for years and was especially interested in teaching young children English.

As a mother, she is fascinated about the language acquisition and social development of young children. She has a lot of experience working with children with ASD. She is fun, energetic, deeply caring and understanding. She has a analytical mind and a loving heart and always strives to help her little friends reach their fullest potential.

Sue is working toward becoming a behaviour consultant in the upcoming years. She is committed to supporting children with ASD and their families.

In her spare time, Sue enjoys reading, snowboarding, biking and skateboarding.

Behavioural Interventionist
Kayla McIntyre - Behavioural Interventionist

Kayla is currently studying theatre at the University of British Columbia. Kayla previously worked as a support to a diverse array of clients. She has a genuine passion for this line of work as well as incorporating her own theatrical flair! Working with different people in our community and creating safe spaces has been something she has enjoyed doing for a long time. She’s extremely grateful to watch each person’s journey unfold.

In Kayla’s downtime, she loves watching films, creating plays, and narratives with her friends!

Behavioural Interventionist
Carly Gaspur - Behavioural Interventionist

Carly is a formally trained artist with a passion for making children’s toys. Carly is also working closely with an author illustrating children’s books.

Upon graduating high school, Carly began a career as an educational assistant specializing in working with children with ASD. She was witness to their achievements and also their struggles. This journey lasted for five years.

As a behavioural interventionist, Carly brings a unique skill set to her clients and their families. With her love of art, she hopes to share that with the children she works with. Carly believes art is a language without words and this helps build bridges with verbal and nonverbal children.

In Carly’s spare time, she enjoys crafting, illustrating, reading and a really good cup of coffee!

Behavioural Interventionist
Nellie Dorchester - BSW, - Behavioural Interventionist

Nellie has Bachelor of Social Work Degree from the University of British Columbia where she specialized in child welfare. She also has a diploma of arts in health sciences from Langara College. She has many years of experience working with children of all ages and diverse social and cultural contexts, in various community and healthcare settings.

Nellie’s special interest is neurodiversity and she is passionate about finding creative ways to support neurodivergent children so they can thrive in who they are. She believes in the importance of warmth, relationship building and seeking to understand the uniqueness of each child, meeting them where they are at. The reference and regulate program resonates with her, through child-led play and lots of laughs. Nellie joined the team as a behavioural interventionist in September 2022 and is honoured and excited to work with each family.

In her spare time, you can find her in nature, among the trees or by the ocean. She loves animals, being active, drawing, writing, music, and cooking.

Behavioural Interventionist
Shayna Wall - Behavioural Interventionist

Shayna has always been very interested in the processes of mind development and early intervention, they decided it was time to follow their heart and became a behaviour interventionist in 2020. Throughout their years of working one on one along side children with ASD, working with multiple different families and using multiple different teaching methods, their passion for their work continues to grow. Shayna loves creating a safe, fun learning environment and meeting the kiddos where they’re at; they also love being able to get creative when finding ways to support them which is why they love the reference and regulate program because it’s child-led and allows room for loads of laughs!

They moved to Vancouver from Manitoba in late August 2022 and have been really enjoying getting to know new families and a new team at Heartfelt Autism Services.

In their free time Shayna spends a lot of time outside. They also enjoy writing, painting and drinking lots of coffee!

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