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Our team at Heartfelt Autism Services are here to provide your neurodiverse child with developmental intervention suited to his/her unique needs. We honour and respect individual family culture, beliefs and values.

Understanding neurodiversity and the implications for your child is where we begin the journey of support. The core deficits of ASD likely affect your child's social interaction, social language and social play. Your child may experience anxiety, picky eating, difficulty sleeping and engage in repetitive behaviours and rigidity, that can cause dysregulation.

We are team players and are happy to work with community therapists and medical professionals you have chosen to be on your child's team.


Each child belongs to a family. Parents are the most important people in the child’s life. Siblings and extended family play an important role in the child’s life.

Home and community-based intervention is designed according to your child's unique and individual developmental needs and follows current evidence-based practise (Dr. Connie Kasari, Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, Michelle Garcia Winner, Reference and Regulate Curriculum, Early Start Denver Model) combined with practise that is attachment-based (Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Dr. Daniel Siegel).

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