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Your child is a loved and precious unique individual, who received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The reason your child received a diagnosis is because:

S/he has difficulty learning to speak or having conversations at home and in the community and likely has difficulty talking about their own interests, emotions and sometimes cannot initiate or respond to children and or adults.

S/he may have difficulty making eye contact, reading facial expressions, gestures and other types of body language. Your child may not have developed the ability to use gestures including a point to show you what s/he is interested in and establish eye contact at the same time.

S/he may have difficulty making friends or understanding relationships. The ability to understand what is expected in social situations or engage in pretend play has not developed.


Intervention is developed according to your child’s unique needs and follows evidence-based practice.

Intervention follows developmentally appropriate practise (Reference and Regulate, Early Start Denver Model, Attachment Theory) that is based on ABA theory, yet eclectic and tailored to each individual child.

You and Your Child

Each child belongs to a family. Parents are the most important people in the child’s life. Siblings and extended family play an important role in the child’s life.

Parents are supported to build strong and primary attachment with their child.

Intervention respects and honours family culture, beliefs and values.

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